This is a place where ytenden(@ytenden) has created a collection of Open Sea related tools.

Open Sea Trade Viewer Show the history of purchases/sales and the total amount spent on Open_Sea.
Collections Secondary Trade Viewer Displays the number of NFTs in primary/secondary circulation for a specific collection.
Collections Assets Owner List Lists the addresses that have NFTs in a particular collection, the number of NFTs held, etc.
Multi Send ERC1155 Send the ERC1155 token to multiple addresses at once.
(old)Multi Send ERC1155 top.Multi_Send_ERC1155_old
Asset Owner List Lists the addresses holding a specific token and the number of tokens held.
Transfer Counter Counts the number of times the specified address has forwarded an NFT.
Limited Contents Demo Demonstrate limited content that can only be viewed by specific Token holders.
Donate Throw money at the creators of this site.